What is a wiki and how do I contribute?


Like Wikipedia this project is designed to enable a large number of people to collaborate to share resouces. A wiki works like a website with links and other features, but once you have access you can take part in constantly improving the contents.


This wiki was originally designed to support the A level AQA (UK) Specification but any relevant contribution is welcome.


For example, you could:

Remember that all changes can be undone - either by you or the administrators - so don't be afraid to experiment. If in doubt you could always post a comment (say about changing one of the key studies) and wait for feedback from other users.


If you have never edited a wiki before, then follow the link to How to edit this Wiki. Make sure that you also check out the AcceptableUsePolicy. The important principle here is that the content of the Wiki are free for anyone to access and use, so you must be careful that, just like any textbook author that you don't include any thing that is copyright without prior permission.


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