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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago

Progress Report



1 Jan 2008


Sally Spencer has just produced an extremely helpful list of Psychology resources for AQA A Spec. This wiki was not included but I have asked her to do so. If you want to make suggestions for other resouces to be included then why not email her on sallyj.spencer@googlemail.com.





24 Sep 2007


Moving to new platform


Despite improvments to PBwiki, including a (sort of) wysiwyg editor, we are still frustated by the limitations of existing wiki platforms. So no further work has taken place on this wiki. However, we should soon be able to move to a new platform specifically designed to support this kind of educational project. Details are at www.webframe.co.uk.


Mike Battye





5 Feb

Thanks to Mike G for making improvements to the FrontPage and for starting to work in the wiki's visibility to search engines. Unfortunately, we have had to include some HTML code to improve the layout (basically that is stuff in < > brackets). Don't let this put you off trying to edit the wiki. For the most part you can ignore the html and the main psychology content pages have been kept fairly basic to make editing more simple. At the end of the day though, any 'mistakes' can be put right by someone - that's the beauty of wikis.


1 Feb 2007


Since making the wiki public at the start of the year the number of people accessing the site has shown a steady growth. You can help this by passing on details of the site to other teachers and students. I don't think it shows up in Google yet, but I have someone working on that.


What is lacking, though it is early days yet, are significant efforts to contribute. I agree that some of you may be reluctant to commit yourselves, but you can really do no harm and potentially a lot of good. So give it a try!


How about starting by adding a comment to this page. Email me for the password!




25 Jan 2007

As far as the present AS wiki is concerned, I think that the main spec topics are now all covered - though that doesn't mean that they couldn't be done better. There seems to be at least one example for each, but it would be good to have more alternatives. In fact it would be possible to have details on all the major studies mentioned in the main 'narrative' to provide students and teachers with clarification/extension reading. I am going to make this my next task by inserting pages labelled ResearchStudyName for each of the ones I add. So if anyone wants to contribute to this....


Mike Battye, Wiki Editor


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